Custom order

All April Look bow ties, neckties and pocket squares are available for custom wedding orders. We know how stressful it is to plan your wedding, that's why we're here to make your work as easy as possible. We can work closely with you to get exactly what you’re expecting on your wedding day. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do you charge extra for custom orders?
No, the price is the same.

I'm not sure about the colour, is it possible to get swatches for the fabrics? 
Yes, we can send you fabric samples. 

How long will my custom order take to finish?
Production time depends on the size of the order. Usually, after we take care of the details, production takes 1-2 weeks.

How long does shipping take?
Standard Priority Air Mail takes 1-2 weeks to Europe, up to 3-4 weeks elsewhere.
Express shipping takes 3-6 days depending on your location.

Do you give discounts for larger orders?
Yes, larger quantities are eligible for a discount. To receive a discount you need to enter the corresponding coupon code listed below. Otherwise the discount won't be applied.

Cost Discount Discount code
 for purchases over 100€ 10% discount10
 for purchases over 200 20% discount20

If you want to place an order, get fabric samples or simply have a question please fill out the form